Lean into your Superpower with Online coach Ashley Hodge
3 min read

Lean into your Superpower with Online coach Ashley Hodge

Everfit Team
Jul 04, 2020 3 min read

Can you describe your background in fitness? Feel free to go way back! Your online coach Ashley is here.

online coach Ashley
Your superpower online coach Ashley

My introduction to the weight room began as a track athlete in high school. Throughout high school and college, my weight was up and down. It was when I enrolled in my master’s program that I decided to get more serious about my health & wellness. I hired a personal trainer for 6 months and I never looked back. I lost 60lbs 10 years ago and have kept it off since. I’ve been a personal trainer for 8 yrs now and I have been consistently in the gym or training for something.

To keep fitness fun & interesting – I always liked to sign up for a race of some sort. I completed over 12 half marathons, LA marathon, Malibu Triathlon, Spartan Races, Ragnar, and many 5k races. In 2017 – Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting piqued my interest. I am a lifelong learner so I avidly went online to do my own research about this style of training and hired a powerlifting coach to teach me proper form for the big 3 movements. I competed for the first time in 2017 and won 3rd place. I have my 2nd powerlifting competition coming up in July 2020.  I love helping people build a foundation and helping them get stronger mentally & physically. 

What was it like working a full-time job and training part-time as online coach? What were your challenges?

I enjoyed the best of both worlds – I enjoy managing a business and my fitness career. I always desired to connect with more people regarding health & wellness and I knew that I needed to take the leap.

A full-time professional and part-time online coach
A full-time professional and part-time online coach

Can you briefly describe your 30-day challenge?

I was looking for women & men who wanted to build better habits, improve their body composition, and be the best version of themselves! I offered 5 weeks of coaching. My challengers received all-inclusive access to Everfit.io that housed their workouts and food journal. The main goal was to get stronger over the next 5 weeks along with dialing in nutrition and habits.

challenge from online coach
Ready for the challenge from Ashley – the online coach?

What were the results of your online coach program? 

  • # of clients: 23
  • Clients Retained:
  • Client feedback – Clients loved the community aspect and accountability from other challenges and coaches. Clients also found it helpful to have a structured training program with video demonstrations, progressions, and regressions.
  • Other insights: Having access to the food journal to share pics would be ideal to coach challengers to share their meals. Having a similar group page via Everfit would help keep the challenge on one platform.

Do you have any advice for a part-time trainer wanting to make the jump to full-time?

Follow your heart’s desire and step into your superpower. 

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