Introducing Macro Tracking
< 1 min read

Introducing Macro Tracking

Everfit Team
Oct 28, 2020 < 1 min read

We’re happy to launch a new feature Macro Tracking” which helps your client make smarter and healthier food choices. There are lots of data you can track.

Data integration

Seamless integration with Apple Health, Google Fit, and MyFitnessPal for your client’s convenience (Coming soon!)

Everfit. Macros tracking feature on online personal trainer platform
Track Protein / Carb / Fat

Track more than just the number of calories. Stay on top of the total carbs, protein, and fats your clients are eating.

Training / Rest day macros

Fuel better workouts and spur better progress by making adjustments for low/high days.

Food Journal

Enable Food Journal so your clients can share their eating habits as easy as snapping a photo of their meal.
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Nutrition coaching with Tasks

Send a recipe guide, link to nutrition resources, or attach a personal video to educate your clients on the benefits of healthy eating.
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