6 Types of Sales Your Business Can Offer this Holiday Season
3 min read

6 Types of Sales Your Business Can Offer this Holiday Season

Everfit Team
Dec 08, 2022 3 min read

December is a great time to attract new clients. People are willing and ready to spend money, and your coaching program is likely just what they need to jumpstart their New Year’s resolutions.

So how can you best promote your business to prospective clients this holiday season? By offering a sale, of course! But before you embark on a discount frenzy, it’s important to consider who you’re targeting and which business aspects you’d like to feature.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the following types of sales and explain how and when to use each.

1. Percentage Discount

A percentage discount is the simplest type of sale to offer, and it’s one of the best for attracting new clients. By marking down a specific coaching package, you immediately show new customers which item to focus on, making it easier for them to select. Furthermore, the reduced price helps these customers overcome the fear of spending money on something new. 

Keep in Mind

As with any sale, remember to note when it will expire so you don’t end up with frustrated customers who thought the sale would still be going on later.

2. Buy One, Get One

A buy one, get one free sale (often referred to as a BOGO sale) is expensive from a business perspective but comes with a big upside. By offering someone two coaching sessions for the price of one, you double your brand exposure. People get a chance to experience your service for a longer period of time – which can help convert temporary clients to regular ones. 

Keep in Mind

When considering a BOGO sale, it’s important to analyze your schedule and cash flow to ensure you have the time and financial flexibility to offer free sessions.

3. Product Bundle

A service product bundle includes packaging different offerings (like nutrition and training) into one purchase item. This is a great sale to offer existing clients because it encourages them to explore other aspects of your business. Bundling is also a great way to introduce new services that clients might be unfamiliar with. By packaging new offerings with existing ones, you inspire clients to try something new while enabling them to stick with what they know best.

Keep in Mind

Be intentional with your bundles so that the various services complement each other and seem appropriate for your target customer.

4. Early Access Sale

An early access sale creates buzz by making a discount exclusive to certain customers for a specific period of time. For example, you might let existing clients purchase new discounted training packages before opening the sale up to the general public. This makes current clients feel like they’re in the VIP category and motivates them to buy now. 

Keep in Mind

With an early access sale, you can increase the impact of a sale without increasing the discount (and thus without losing out on additional revenue).

5. Referral Gift and Discount

A referral gift/discount incentivizes clients to bring new customers into your business. It’s a win-win! Current clients get rewarded for spreading the word. You get more clients. And new customers get a great coach.

Keep in Mind

Many business owners miss out on referrals because they’re afraid to ask clients for a favor. But here’s the thing, clients already talk about the workouts (and coaches) they love. A referral program simply rewards them for this and encourages them to keep it up. So don’t be afraid to promote your referral program to your clients.

6. Gift Cards

A gift card makes your coaching services shareable. Clients can purchase a gift card, put it inside a Christmas note, and share the gift of health with a friend. Gift cards also serve as great marketing materials. You can hand them out at holiday parties, promotional events, and group outings.

Keep in Mind

Remember that you have flexibility with how you set your gift cards up! You can make them equivalent to a cash discount (i.e., $50 off a training session) or a service (i.e., one free nutrition consultation).

So which type of sale will you be offering? Now is the time to figure it out. And remember, Everfit’s payment feature allows you to launch your programs and sales in just a few easy steps! Learn more here.

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