Summer Programs Your Clients Will Love To Try
4 min read

Summer Programs Your Clients Will Love To Try

Everfit Team
Aug 24, 2023 4 min read

Discover the best summer fitness programs to offer your personal training clients. 

Looking to elevate summer programs for your clients? Want to provide summer workouts that are fun, compelling, and impossible to miss? Want to increase your sales, as well as client satisfaction this summer? Then you have come to the right place! Just keep reading to find the latest and hottest programs that will have your clients sweating and smiling all summer long.

Outdoor Fitness 

One option that your clients are bound to love this summer is an outdoor fitness program. Of course, this type of program focuses on getting out of the gym, and into the natural sunlight and fresh air. Both of these have lots of positive health benefits before your client even begins the exercise. 

There is a huge range of activities that can count as outdoor fitness as well from running to team games, but as a fitness coach, you may wish to consider coming up with a fun circuit training program that includes moves such as hanging crunches, side steps, and slalom jumps, which can all easily be done out of doors. You won’t even need to provide much specialist equipment or set-up for this type of program as you can use things like park benches for dips and push-ups. 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

HIIT programs or High-Intensity Interval Training are popular at all times of the year but can work especially well in the summer when clients may be strapped for time due to their kids being home, or them going on vacation. 

HIITs are also very effective when done correctly too, because of the very small amount of recovery time, and the longer session of high-intensity workouts. This is good news for clients who are looking to achieve their best summer body before they hit the beach! 

Some of the moves you might like to include in a Summer HIIT workout include sets of dynamic squats, some iron crosses, and even some push-ups with wide grips. Usually around 6 repetitions in each set will be sufficient.

Mind-Body Connection 

Another great option for a summer fitness program is to work with your clients to embrace exercises that foster a stronger mind-body connection. Such exercises include activities like yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and even dancing meditations. All of which again, can be done outside if your client so chooses. 

The great thing about mind-body connection programs for the summer is that they provide an alternative to the more traditional types of exercise, something that can in clients’ minds often be associated with negativity or body judgment. Instead, these mind-body activities can provide clients with a way to move that shows care and compassion for their bodies, helping them create a more compassionate and mindful relationship with themselves, which can not only help them avoid injuries but also have many emotional, and psychological benefits as well. 

Group Fitness Challenges

Some people love to work out on their own, while others have real trouble even getting off the couch unless there is someone else there to support them. The good news is that for those people, and the ones that like to get a little competitive too, there are group fitness challenges. 

There are many different types of group fitness challenges you can offer to your clients this summer, that range from the very basic such as going for a walk or doing some kind of activity each day to planking for a minute or doing 100 squats every day for a set time. 

It’s not just the camaraderie that makes group fitness challenges suitable for the summer though. In fact, they can work very well both before and during vacations as checking in with others in the group can keep an individual client very motivated. 

How Everfit Can Help Personal Trainers Offer Summer Programs To Their Clients. 

Want to offer the hot summer training program above to your clients? Then Everfit can help with our simple to use, and great value all-in-one platform. 

1. Build all types of workouts 

First of all, you can easily build any kind of workout program for your clients on the Everfit app. Your clients can then access these programs easily and conveniently whether they are at home or on vacation and at a time that is convenient to them.

2. Collect payment for your summer programs 

Everfit also makes collecting payments for your summer programs fast, and hassle-free. Use it to set up a recurring or one-time payment within the app, and never worry about tracking who has paid, or about chasing clients for payment again. 

3. Make onboarding new clients a breeze 

Get your clients signed up, assign their workouts and daily tasks with ease, and provide them with all the resources they need to succeed in their summer programs. 

4. For Group Coaching: Create Community Forums 

Perfect for group challenges, creating a summer program community forum has never been easier. You can even set up a leaderboard to keep those competitive clients motivated even in the summer heat! 

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