Run Fitness Challenge With Forums and Leaderboard
2 min read

Run Fitness Challenge With Forums and Leaderboard

Everfit Team
Feb 02, 2021 2 min read

Community Groups In A Snap Of The Finger

Introducing Forums! Create private group forums for your members or teams of athletes. Let them share with and motivate each other.

(Plus, no distraction from Facebook!)

Custom Forum Banner

Choose a recognizable and positive image for members of the forum

Ask A Question

Offer a space for people to interact with each other, while you take a breather

Share Anything!

News updates, personal progress, or photos from an event. Anyone can share posts with images and videos

Post Leaderboard results

Who doesn’t like to have bragging rights? Create a leaderboard and share updates every week in the forum


Ready, Set, Go!

Competition is the key to client motivation! Start with an Autoflow. Set the ranking criteria, rules, start & end dates, and choose a forum to display the leaderboard in. When it’s time, we’ll take care of the rest!

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