How Gym Owners Generate More Revenue in 2022 with Autoflow
3 min read

How Gym Owners Generate More Revenue in 2022 with Autoflow

Patryk Piekarczyk
Mar 15, 2022 3 min read

It’s that time of year when your studio or gym is likely to see more people coming through the doors. Although last year led to a downturn in business, many areas are now reopening and can expect an uptick for those wishing to achieve their resolutions in 2022.
Everfit has the tools your studio or gym needs to cultivate an unmatched training experience for clients. However, Autoflow is the icing on the cake when engaging members and stockpiling more revenue.

New Year Challenges

New year challenges are commonly run in gyms worldwide and typically range from 30 to 90 days. The pricing for a group-based challenge does not give the customer sticker shock. Many new year’s challenges lack attention and engagement. They include some initial activity and a weekly group workout if you’re lucky.

Autoflow lets you do more than ever before, charging less, attracting more members, and providing more value. Integrating habits, tasks, nutrition, and workouts is not usually found in many big box gym challenges. With Autoflow, you can offer more than just a simple nutrition or workout challenge. 

Let’s Get Started

Start by creating your Autoflow and setting it to the appropriate length of your challenge. For example, a 90-day challenge would be roughly 13 weeks, and a 60-day challenge would be approximately nine weeks. It would be best to leverage all aspects of your gym into your challenge. In other words, offer a nutrition coaching consultation or group lesson, a movement and body fat assessment, or just a class or session run by a trainer.

Once you’ve gathered your list of freebies, you can schedule them as tasks in Everfit. At the end of each freebie, always have something to offer challenge members. It could be discounts or a raffle for training or classes.

Get creative. I recommend using the challenge to showcase other services your gym and staff have to offer, which is an easy opportunity to upsell the expertise of your services and set you up for future revenue. There is, however, a limit to “free stuff,” so make sure you factor in labor for freebies into your final challenge price.

Schedule Challenge Logistics

Next, it’s time to schedule announcements and messages. Begin by preparing a welcome message where you can attach any relevant documents and videos for your challenge. Then, you can schedule notifications about upcoming events in the next week or even just motivational tidbits.

Sending auto messages for mid-week check-ins or reminders is also valuable. For example, if you’re integrating nutrition for your challenge, you can include reminders for clients or check up on how they’re doing.

If clients are tracking with MyFitnessPal they can sync their macronutrients with Everfit to provide you with a complete nutritional intake. I recommend doing at least a 7-day food record for clients. This way, they gain awareness of their eating behavior, and you can provide a nutritional audit in just minutes for each client.

You can also schedule weigh-ins and progress photos into Autoflow, which eliminates the need to send reminders to clients repeatedly. Schedule into Autoflow, and you’re done for the duration of your challenge. 

Add your training program into your challenge, and you’re all set. Click on the top right to add clients to your Autoflow. Clients may have questions about the training program when they get started. I suggest attaching resources, like handouts and videos, to your welcome announcement to help address frequently asked questions.

Offer More At Scale

Autoflow lets you offer a high-touch holistic coaching service without a huge time commitment. Most of your work should be focused on coaching instead of administrative processes. Leave the messaging and logistics so you can focus on the service your business provides. In addition, by exposing more individuals to different parts of your business, such as virtual coaching or nutrition, you can easily upsell services and generate more revenue. 

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