Bringing Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Together with Joey Rosi
4 min read

Bringing Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Together with Joey Rosi

Everfit Team
Apr 27, 2022 4 min read

Joey reveals how Alinea Performance makes health coaching more accessible, safe, and effective online using Everfit.

Meet Joey Rosi, the owner of Alinea Performance, which was created in 2018 to bridge the gap between physical therapy and sports performance. Joey specializes in helping clients to reduce pain, recover from injury, and increase performance.

Alinea, which has 18 coaches, strives to make health coaching more accessible online and become “the trailblazer of the fitness community”. The business has supported more than 600 patients and over 180 clients to date!

But what is Joey’s perspective on modern healthcare? How does he use Everfit to manage the everyday challenges of running a fitness business? We spoke with Joey to investigate.

So Joey, how did you get started in physical therapy and when did you discover Everfit?

I started as a personal trainer at a local YMCA, but wanted to learn more about the body and movement. So I went and shadowed a radiologist and orthopedic surgeon, but they deferred me away. From there, I discovered physical therapy, which looked like the epitome of the professional level of a trainer and a perfect next step for me. 

I’ve been a practicing clinician since 2016. A couple of years ago, I went out and started my own practice working with clients in person. I’ve always had the idea of working with clients virtually to offer some continuity of care, beyond traditional therapy. 

Fast forward to when Covid hits, and everything changes. I had to learn how to adapt. One of the big challenges for me was finding a system to keep patient care consistent to meet their needs. That’s when I discovered Everfit. 

I tend to mostly use it with clients when they no longer require therapy, with a focus on the performance aspect. It’s about taking them along that spectrum. 

Having a platform like Everfit where I can still see what my clients are doing and give them a science-intended, data-driven program is everything I’ve been looking for. Trust me, I’ve tried all the platforms out there but none had what I needed. 

Every time I speak with Everfit on the phone or see something in the Facebook group, I notice you’re constantly improving. You’re truly listening to what all the members and coaches are saying to help them adapt and fine-tune their service. 

What’s the story behind Alinea?

Before starting my own practice, I linked up with my buddy William Mills, who’s still part of Alinea today. We realized everyone wanted to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness, but people always ended up just focusing on one side, creating separation between the two. 

We came up with The Alinea Collective, which was a community of forward-thinking healthcare professionals, coaches, clinicians, therapists, and chiropractors. We became a new movement and a new line of therapy.

When I finally went out on my own, I wanted to maintain the Alinea brand without separating physical therapy and sports performance. That’s when the business became Alinea Performance. If a client comes to me, they shouldn’t know when therapy ends and performance begins. It should be a constant continuum.

I currently run the practice in Florida and we’re expanding fast! We’ve also started Alinea Coach, to make sure every coach is qualified to properly assess, communicate and build a program with clients. 

What are the main challenges of online training and how has Everfit helped?

I’ve used a number of different training platforms, but none of them had all the right components. They were either too hard to use, were not aesthetically pleasing, or lacked information. 

Whereas Everfit encapsulates everything. In a time where technology moves so fast, its ease of use has been a godsend for people who are less familiar with the technology.

The biggest problem Everfit solved was aesthetics. You can have a really great platform, but if nobody likes the look of it, they’re simply not going to use it! So the first thing that drew me in was the aesthetic appeal of the software.

My second problem was simplicity. Simple scales, complex fails. Everfit made everything so much easier. For example, I can have 90% of clients on the same program, and still make minor adjustments that are 100% specific to the individual. And I can use the alternate exercise feature to provide clients with different options.

Everfit has also saved so much time and allowed me to focus more on things like networking, and less on all the busy work. I’ve taken on so many new clients as a result!

What’s your best advice for the next generation of coaches?

Let’s zoom out to a 30,000ft view. My advice is:

  1. Learn how to do your role really well: This ultimately helps your clients get the results they want.
  2. Build your ability to communicate: If you really want to excel, you need to learn to communicate with not only your clients but also others who can refer to you. The art of communication is what brings it all together and that’s what you need to be the go-to person in your community.

Finally, what three words would you use to describe Everfit?

Forward-thinking, progressive, and the future!

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