Empowerment Through Heritage: Stories from Everfit’s AAPI Fitness Coaches
3 min read

Empowerment Through Heritage: Stories from Everfit’s AAPI Fitness Coaches

Everfit Team
May 22, 2024 3 min read

In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, we are excited to shine a spotlight on the unique journeys of three exceptional coaches from our community. Each of these inspiring individuals brings a rich cultural heritage and a fresh perspective to their coaching practice, enriching the fitness world with their diverse experiences. Their stories not only highlight the importance of embracing one’s cultural identity but also demonstrate how diversity and inclusion can drive positive change within the fitness industry. Let’s delve into their journeys and discover how their cultural backgrounds shape their coaching styles and philosophies.

Laura Su – Liberate Strength

Laura Su from Liberate Strength empowers her clients to embrace authenticity in their fitness journeys. As an Asian American woman in a predominantly Caucasian male industry, Laura stands as a powerful representative for Asian American women. She understands the pressures of societal beauty standards that praise being smaller and thinner but passionately advocates for building strength and muscle mass. Competing in powerlifting, Laura is on a mission to dismantle toxic fitness and diet culture.

With a strong foundation in physiology, biology, and programming, Laura helps women across the country transform their mindsets and feel empowered about their physiques. She customizes her programs to meet the diverse needs of her clients, making significant strides for Asian American women in fitness. Laura’s advice to other coaches is to stay true to themselves and use their unique backgrounds to drive their coaching approach.

Minakshi Dhanvada – Regular Fit

Minakshi Dhanvada from Regular Fit recognized a significant gap in the market when she worked with non-South Asian coaches. She understands that food and culture are as crucial as workouts for sustainable fitness. Minakshi focuses on helping South Asian immigrant women integrate traditional foods and healthy habits into their new lifestyles, making long-term health goals achievable.

Her advice to fellow coaches is to leverage their cultural knowledge to make a difference. Minakshi ensures that her clients can maintain their cultural food habits while achieving their fitness goals. She emphasizes small, manageable changes rather than complete overhauls, ensuring that a healthy lifestyle is never a chore but a natural part of their daily lives.

Tracy Bui – Symbiotic Fitness & Nutrition

Tracy Bui runs Symbiotic Fitness & Nutrition, where she helps people build strong bodies and minds fueled by food and self-love. As a first-generation Vietnamese American, she brings a unique blend of traditional Vietnamese values and American culture to her coaching style. She emphasizes hard work, resilience, and the importance of family, fostering an environment where clients feel heard and supported. Tracy’s advice to coaches is to reflect on the values that have shaped them and incorporate these into their coaching.

Tracy promotes mindful eating, a practice rooted in Vietnamese culture, where meals are times for gathering and reflection. She encourages clients to eat slowly, savor each bite, and be present in the moment. This approach not only reduces overeating and improves digestion but also helps develop a healthy relationship with food. By being mindful of what they eat, clients can become more self-aware and make lasting positive changes.

Celebrating Cultural Inclusion in Fitness Coaching

At Everfit, we take immense pride in amplifying the voices of coaches from diverse backgrounds and fostering cultural inclusion within the fitness industry. While statistics indicate an under-representation of Asian American coaches, particularly women, we celebrate the strides made by individuals like Laura Su, Minakshi Dhanvada, and Tracy Bui. Their dedication to integrating cultural values into their coaching practices not only inspires but also enriches the experiences of clients who share similar cultural backgrounds. As we continue to champion diversity, we recognize the immense value that each coach brings to our community and the transformative impact they have on the lives of those they serve. Join us in celebrating their journeys and embracing the power of cultural diversity in shaping a healthier, more inclusive fitness landscape.

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