New Year, New Opportunities: 6 Ways to Elevate Your Coaching Business in 2023
4 min read

New Year, New Opportunities: 6 Ways to Elevate Your Coaching Business in 2023

Everfit Team
Feb 16, 2023 4 min read

The beginning of the new year is a great time to consider expanding your coaching business. New clients bring new interests, and you can capitalize on this by offering new services, investing in additional education, and establishing partnerships. 

If you’re wondering how to get started, stay tuned! We’re sharing 6 easy ways to revamp your business and gear up for success.

1. Create subscription programs 

2. Add mindfulness check-ins for clients

3. Pursue new certifications

4. Enroll in business classes

5. Collaborate with other wellness professionals

6. Get consistent on social media

1. Create Subscription Programs 

Subscription packages are skill-specific programs that can be centered around running, stretching, lifting, or whatever best fits your coaching method. Such programs can help generate consistent revenue as clients subscribe month after month. These programs are also great for attracting new clients because the monthly cost of a subscription is far less than a series of personal sessions. Once clients enjoy a subscription program, you have the opportunity to convert them to your more expensive packages or encourage them to try out other subscription programs.

How Everfit Can Help:

Our Payments & Packages feature allows you to easily launch subscription programs and automatically collect payments at intervals of your choice (weekly, monthly, etc.). You can simultaneously offer multiple packages and guide clients toward the one that best aligns with their goals. 

Coaching often centers around workouts and nutrition as these are the two main components of physical health. However, mental health is also important – and it often affects how clients perform. Consider adding mindfulness check-ins as part of your coaching routine. These check-ins might ask clients to rate levels of stress, anxiety, and contentment. As you gather this information, you’ll gain a more holistic view of your clients and learn how to better serve them.

2. Add Mindfulness Check-Ins for Clients

How Everfit Can Help:

Our Forms & Questionnaires are perfect for monitoring mindfulness. You can generate one form and have it automatically delivered to clients each day and/or week. Once clients fill out the questionnaire, you’ll be able to view all their answers in one place. In addition to Forms & Questionnaires, you can also use Habit Coaching to help clients integrate mindfulness into their daily routines. Assign daily tasks to meditate, journal, or listen to inspiring music, then use Everfit’s dashboard to view client insights and make sure everyone is on track,

3. Pursue New Certifications

The more areas of expertise you develop, the more clients you can reach. Consider pursuing new certifications this year as you grow your business. Additional certifications will increase your knowledge, boost your reputation, and make you more marketable as a coach. Plus, after putting so much energy into helping others achieve their goals, it can be really fulfilling to chase after your own goals as well.

Everfit Tip:

Whenever you’re examining a certification, be sure to pay attention to the renewal process. Keep track of when a certification needs to be renewed and know the necessary steps for obtaining more credits and keeping a certification active.

4. Enroll in Business Classes

If you’re both a coach and a business owner, chances are, you’re wearing lots of different hats: trainer, accountant, marketing director, and customer relations manager – just to name a few. It can be tricky trying to master all these skills and sometimes you want a quick crash course. If that’s the case, consider enrolling in some business classes. You can browse offerings at local colleges or online universities and select the courses that feel most relevant.

Everfit Tip:

If you just want a general overview and don’t want to spend much time studying, opt to take a course pass/fail. You’ll still learn loads while minimizing stress! 

5. Collaborate with Other Wellness Professionals

Partnerships are often the secret to success! Joining forces with professionals in other health-related fields will expand your knowledge and present opportunities to improve your business offerings. For example, you might collaborate with an athletic director to film a YouTube video about the importance of strength training in sports. Or you might partner with a psychologist to launch a new wellness program that includes both training and counseling. Whichever collaborations you choose to pursue, be sure to develop a plan for cross-promotion so everyone’s brand awareness increases.

Everfit Tip:

Whenever you step into a partnership, it’s important to feel confident in the other person’s background, expertise, and personality – as all these factors will play a role in your joint success.

6. Get consistent on social media

It’s easy to have a social media account and post whenever you feel in the mood. But if you’re looking to grow your business and reach new clients, you need a consistent social media presence. Create a weekly posting schedule and stick to it! This will keep your business in the forefront of followers’ minds and provide new opportunities to engage with potential clients.  

Everfit Tip:

Remember that your social media is a representation of your brand. Put thoughtful effort into each post, story, caption, or comment to elevate your business and showcase professionalism.

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