Important updates on Tasks, Workout Builder and Autoflow
2 min read

Important updates on Tasks, Workout Builder and Autoflow

Everfit Team
Apr 10, 2021 2 min read

5 Improvements for Tasks

  • Tasks within the Coach App: View task assignments and completion results directly from your phone
  • Task Library: Save time by saving your tasks and reusing them later for any client.
  • Task Reminder: Set a specific time to send a push notification to remind clients 
  • Task Comments: Receive responses or strike a conversation for specific tasks.
  • Richer Media Formats: Be creative and add links, pdfs, videos, images, or audio files.

Build Programs. Easier!

  • Rep Range: We built this so you don’t have to explain in the exercise notes section
  • Set 1RM manually: Perfect for adjusting the 1RM estimation value for injured or returning clients

An update on Autoflow feature

  • Schedule In-app Messages for Multiple Clients: Using Autoflow, schedule in-app messages in advance for many to save time while keeping your clients engaged. Now available for both Autoflow formats. Read More
  • Turn off Training: Perfect for your clients who only need nutrition and habit coaching. Let them focus on what matters. Learn More
  • Macros Note: Provide written guidance to your clients to ensure they understand the nutrition macros goals you set for them.
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