From Goals to Greatness: Everfit Coaches’ Inspiring 2023 Reflections
7 min read

From Goals to Greatness: Everfit Coaches’ Inspiring 2023 Reflections

Everfit Team
Dec 28, 2023 7 min read

 As 2023 comes to a close, it’s incredible to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished this past year. We’re filled with excitement when we look back at the remarkable achievements made possible by our dedicated Everfit trainers. Their unwavering commitment and exceptional efforts have been instrumental in reshaping the fitness industry, making it more accessible than ever before!

From teaching virtual classes to expanding their services overseas, our Everfit trainers have been busier than ever, and we could not be prouder as we look back on their achievements! To celebrate, we wanted to showcase just a glimpse of the incredible work accomplished by six Everfit coaches in 2024!

Empathy: The Key to Alex & Danielle’s Astounding Success

Alex Thieme (alexthiemefitness) and Danielle McClellan (danielle_the_dietitian) launched their online nutrition group, Forward Forever, in 2023. In just under a year, they’ve worked with over 700 clients across 9 countries!

They attribute their astounding success to their ability to empathize with their clients. After all, there are a myriad of reasons why a client may skip a session or underperform in a workout – many of which are beyond their control. Empathy, not judgment, is key to getting them back in the game. 

One inspiring client story involves Eric, who had battled anxiety and experimented with various fad diets, and reached out to Alex and Danielle for guidance. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey, shedding an impressive 45 pounds, turning Eric into a true “Gym Guy,” and completely changing his life. Today, Eric advocates for healthy nutrition practices and regular exercise, a testament to the power of their guidance and support.

When it comes to keeping clients motivated, Alex and Danielle employ a simple yet effective strategy. They often ask clients, “What is the bare minimum you can do right now?” From there, they create daily and weekly action plans, using small steps to build momentum. Their philosophy underscores that significant transformations begin with minor, consistent efforts, and they firmly believe in changing clients’ mindsets by teaching them that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor.

In 2024, Alex and Danielle are setting their sights even higher, aiming to impact thousands, not just hundreds, of individuals on their transformative health journeys. With the Everfit platform‘s accessible workout and resource collections at their disposal, they are well-equipped to turn these aspirations into reality, alongside the rest of our dedicated trainers.

Knowledge is Power: Tanya’s Approach to Growth

Tanya Dickie runs Studio Alive, an online personal training program for clients of all abilities, whether they’re first starting out or already experienced in the world of fitness. In addition to exercise guidance and support, she also focused on strengthening her client’s knowledge and understanding of nutrition. Tanya’s business has enjoyed massive growth in 2023, as she’s gone from training 20 clients to 120.

Tanya’s approach focuses not only on exercise but also on nutrition education. She emphasized the importance of being informed about macros, the significance of protein, consistency, and tracking. According to Tanya, this knowledge makes it easier to navigate the path to one’s fitness goals. “You have to be educated to succeed and maintain your goals,” she explained. “If you don’t know how you got there, what are you going to do when you fall off?”

Additionally, Tanya adapted her coaching style by creating her own exercise videos rather than using generic examples. She recognized that people want to see the trainer they know demonstrating the exercises. Her dedication to improving her coaching methods reflects Everfit’s commitment to continually enhancing the training experience.

As Tanya looks forward to 2024, she aims to expand her online challenges and platform even further, reaching a broader audience. Everfit is excited to support her in achieving these aspirations, as her dedication to educating and motivating clients aligns perfectly with our mission.

Consistency in Flexibility: Dr. Jenna’s Transformative Journey

In 2023, Dr. Jenna Justice ( thehypermobiledpt) , embarked on a transformative journey with her business, Empowered Movement Physical Therapy & Wellness. She made the bold move to transition her practice into a virtual realm, opening up her expertise to a global audience. Dr. Jenna specializes in tailored training programs designed specifically for individuals with hypermobility, effectively turning movement into a form of medicine for her clients worldwide.

But how did Dr. Jenna keep her clients motivated throughout this journey? Her approach was simple yet effective. She emphasized the importance of consistency, recognizing that motivation can ebb and flow, even for the most passionate fitness enthusiasts. To tackle this, she started her workouts slowly, avoiding the all-or-nothing mindset. Instead of intimidating 30-minute workouts, she introduced beginner sessions lasting just 5-10 minutes. This made the act of showing up achievable for everyone. Moreover, she allowed her clients enough freedom and guidance with their movement routines, making all workouts planned yet flexible enough to be completed on their own time.

As 2024 unfolds, Jenna has exciting plans in store. She aims to offer year-round virtual programs to her clients and is working on a membership-style system where users can access all her workout programs in one convenient place. Her commitment to helping people embrace movement as a form of healing continues to drive her success.

Embracing the Muscle-Building Process with Carmen Hayward

Carmen Hayward, known as Coach Carmen, is a women’s body transformation coach who has harnessed the power of Everfit’s platform to elevate her business. However, Carmen’s true pride doesn’t stem from her achievements but from the remarkable dedication and hard work of her clients.

Helping women realize they can meet their fitness and nutrition goals through balance, Carmen’s coaching strategies emphasize a holistic approach. She doesn’t believe in deprivation, cutting out any food groups, or insane amounts of cardio. This balanced approach has been exceptionally effective in helping women enjoy their fitness journey and recognize that their new lifestyle is one they can live with.

As she passionately shared, “It’s challenging to pick just one success story because I’m incredibly proud of all my clients. Yet, there’s a common thread that runs through their journeys – the wholehearted embrace of the muscle-building process.”

Carmen goes above and beyond for her clients. No matter how many clients she has, she always takes the time to scroll through each workout and assess progress. She sends them notes of encouragement and guides them on when to increase weight. This personalized attention helps clients realize they are not alone in their journey, fostering a sense of camaraderie and accountability.

When asked about her goals for 2024, Carmen’s response was heartfelt: “My goal is simple but profound – to continue being the best coach I can be. I aspire to foster meaningful connections with my clients and offer unwavering support in their journeys. Their victories are my victories, and I wholeheartedly believe in this truth.” Carmen’s dedication to her client’s success is truly inspiring and mirrors the ethos of Everfit’s thriving community.

Crafting Consistency in Varied Workouts with Peter Rizzardi

Peter Rizzardi runs Real Fitness, a personal training gym in Playa Del Rey, which offers private and group training sessions to help “busy clients get fitter.” One way Peter achieves this goal is by encouraging clients to use the Everfit App to track and monitor their success.

As we delved into Peter’s year, he shared an inspiring client success story. Christina, a newcomer to strength training, joined their small group program and, over nine months, witnessed remarkable progress, now wholeheartedly embracing regular strength training. Peter attributed Christina’s success to his coaching strategies, including consistency and variability in programs. By maintaining consistency while introducing occasional variations, clients like Christina can see steady progress without feeling stagnant. Additionally, Peter constantly seeks feedback from his clients to make necessary program adjustments.

Yet, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. Peter tackled the task of crafting programs suitable for a diverse range of fitness levels that multiple trainers could utilize. While not without its difficulties, this process significantly improved over the course of the year.

Looking ahead to 2024, Peter remains committed to leveraging Everfit to enhance his small group personal training program, ensuring that even more clients experience transformative fitness journeys under his guidance.

Felicia Hall: Commitment to Communication and Real Results

In 2023, Felicia Hall (Fit By Fe) embarked on a life-changing journey, leaving her corporate training job to fulfill her dream of becoming an online fitness coach through Everfit. Her dedication to her clients was evident in her communication and honesty. She maintained open lines of communication, speaking with clients multiple times a week, and emphasized the importance of being upfront and honest, never sugar-coating the truth. Felicia’s number one technique was her commitment to delivering real facts to her clients, a strategy that proved effective for both her clients and herself.

One of the remarkable success stories under Felicia’s guidance was Jan, who had struggled with excess weight for years. Through weightlifting, personalized programs, and a focus on nutrition, Jan achieved astonishing results, breaking free from the 200s and reclaiming her health. This transformation not only changed her physical well-being but also improved her quality of life, allowing her to share a room with her husband again.

Throughout 2023, Felicia actively engaged with her clients by organizing challenges and utilizing group forums. But what truly set her apart was her transparency. She shared her fitness journey, including her failures, with her clients, fostering a sense of unity and trust. As she looks ahead to 2024, Felicia’s goal remains unchanged: to be the coach she wished she had during her own fitness journey eight years ago. Her unwavering dedication and passion for fitness continue to inspire, making her a beacon of motivation for us all.

Here’s to a fantastic 2024!

As we bask in the success stories of our remarkable Everfit coaches, it’s a joy for us to shine a spotlight on their hard-earned victories—after all, they celebrate their clients’ achievements every day. We hope these reflection stories have been a source of inspiration and growth for our readers, and we look forward to journeying with you all in 2024.

The passion and dedication of our coaches inspire us to continually enhance Everfit, making it the ultimate platform for them to reach new heights in their careers. As the new year dawns, we extend our heartfelt wishes for boundless success to every one of our trainers. Let’s make 2024 a year of empowerment, growth, and extraordinary achievements together. If you’re a trainer seeking to elevate your career, don’t hesitate to reach out today—your journey awaits!

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