5 Expert Tips for Retaining Training Clients
4 min read

5 Expert Tips for Retaining Training Clients

Everfit Team
Mar 16, 2023 4 min read

March is the time when clients tend to lose sight of their goals and fall off track. Some may be discouraged and others may be tempted to give up on training altogether. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Everfit’s platform is full of tools and features to help you motivate, monitor, and maintain clients. Read through our top tips and learn how you can keep clients coming back to your training program, month after month.

1. Send weekly (or daily) check-in forms

2. Use programs and subscriptions to keep clients committed

3. Consider modifying training formats

4. Use logged activities to keep clients from burning out

5. Encourage clients to get social 

1. Send weekly (or daily) check-in forms.

Often, the best way to avoid discouraged clients is to communicate on a consistent basis. Find out how clients are feeling about their progress. Ask if they have questions. Determine if they need additional support or resources. By staying on top of this information, you can address any issues as they arise and solve problems before clients become frustrated.

Everfit’s Forms & Questionnaires can help you regularly check in with clients. You can draft open-ended questions, asking clients to share updates and opinions. You can also draft structured response questions, allowing clients to rate their workouts, their mood, their stress levels, or anything else. After sending the same form numerous times, you’ll start to notice patterns. Some clients might continually report feelings of stress or anxiety while others might always note an energetic mood. This data can help you determine which clients need extra attention and support. By reaching out specifically to these clients, you’ll demonstrate that you notice them, care about them, and are equipped to help them reach their goals.

2. Use programs and subscriptions to keep clients committed.

If clients are struggling to stay on track, encourage them to transfer to a long-term program where they won’t be able to make excuses anymore. Long-term programs create structure and map out a plan for future months, increasing client accountability. These programs foster discipline and commitment while showing clients that they can reach their goals if they simply stick to the routine.

Long-term programs can include personal training sessions or on-demand subscription packages. Subscription packages work well for clients looking to spend less while still maintaining accountability. These clients can commit to a multi-month subscription and follow a prescribed schedule to ensure they complete all their workouts on time. 

3. Consider modifying training formats

As the year gets underway, schedules start to change and sometimes training has to change too. Some in-person clients may find that they no longer have time to commute to your training facility. That’s okay. Suggest that these people transfer to online training – rather than cancel altogether. Similarly, some online clients may realize that they’re struggling with consistency and want hands-on instruction. Invite these clients to come train in person a few times a week to increase accountability.

Everfit’s flexible training platform can help you meet all your clients’ needs. You can provide alternative exercises for clients who lack the equipment or struggle with an injury. You can compile resource collections for clients looking to develop specific skills, like sports agility or powerlifting. You can even introduce challenges or group training for clients who want a more social atmosphere. By personalizing the client experience, you’ll elevate your brand and increase retention.

4. Use Log Activities to keep clients from burning out. 

When clients follow a progressive overload program, they can end up bored. They’re repeating a lot of the same movements in order to build strength and reach their goals – and sometimes a fun twist here or there can make training more exciting. Everfit’s Logged Activities feature is a great way to encourage clients to try something new and adventurous while still moving towards their goals.

Using Log Activities, clients can report unassigned workouts. They can go rock climbing, snowboarding, swimming, cycling, etc., and still keep you in the loop. It’s a win-win. Your clients get a change of pace and you stay updated on their physical activity. To encourage clients to explore something new, you can assign a task to “Log an Activity.” This will inspire clients to get creative and get moving. Once a client logs their activity, be sure to send a high-five and congratulate them as this will keep them coming back for more!

5. Encourage clients to get social

Clients are much more likely to stick with a program when they feel like they’re part of a community. Take the time to develop Group Forums where people can get to know each other. Post icebreaker questions and discussion prompts that encourage people to get involved. And don’t forget to feature success stories! People love seeing proof that a program works. So highlight clients who are crushing their goals.

Remember that, when it comes to coach-client interactions, every bit counts. Simply addressing a client by name or remembering their birthday can make you stand out. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can even interact with your clients on social media. Tag them in motivational posts, respond to their comments, and be their biggest cheerleader. All of these expressions will make clients feel valued and keep them training with you.

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