3 ways to use On-demand Workout Collections for your training business
4 min read

3 ways to use On-demand Workout Collections for your training business

Patryk Piekarczyk
Jun 01, 2022 4 min read

“Limitless Possibilities!” is what many of our coaches call our newly-released feature: On-demand Workout Collections. So let’s dive into 3 ways this feature can help level-up your training business!

  1. Provide Additional Workouts for eager clients
  2. Offer App-based Training subscriptions for your members.
  3. Create self-guided Fitness Courses

In this article, we’ll go over ways you can integrate the on-demand workout library into your coaching, but first, let’s provide some more detail.

On-demand workouts provide a Netflix-style training experience for your clients. You can simply link or upload workout videos for clients to select from whenever they like. This allows your clients to complete workouts at any time they want. Additionally, you can organize your content with custom categories to structure your workout library to best suit your coaching.

Learn how to create an on-demand workout collection.

Here are three of the many ways you can immediately apply an On-demand workout collection to your fitness business:

1. Provide Additional Workouts for eager clients (Ex: stretching or mindfulness routines)

The On-demand Workout library offers a new way for your clients to work out, for starters. With On-demand Workout Collections, you can offer workouts for your clients to access and start anytime on their own!


If your clients need guidance on recovery exercises, offer options like stretching, yoga, or guided meditation through the on-demand library.

All it takes is recording a flow you would do and posting it to a workout. And if you just record one video each day, you will build a large collection to choose from in no time. 

For example: offer Daily Yoga options with different durations – such as 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes – so clients can choose freely based on their time availability. 

Limited Equipment

Perhaps you train a lot of business professionals that travel. You could create workouts they can choose from to easily do in a hotel room or with limited equipment in their hotel fitness center when they are on the go.

For example: create a collection of “No-equipment Workouts” with different focuses – such as core or upper body – so your traveling clients can easily pick an option to replace their usual gym workout.

Add-on Workouts

If you train weekend warriors, you may have some clients who always want extra credit. You can use the on-demand workout library to provide add-on workouts that complement their training.

For example: Extra conditioning workouts that build up a client’s flexibility or power

2. Offer App-based Training subscriptions for your members. Tier access by membership level.

The fitness industry is becoming more sophisticated in what is being offered. Gone are the days when your only option is a gym membership and a couple of aerobics classes.

With on-demand workouts, you can provide a low-touch coaching option that increases the lifetime value of a client because you can keep them training with you longer.

Most coaches on Everfit currently offer 1-on-1 coaching. However, a budding group of coaches and businesses have implemented the power tools (such as Autoflows and Studio Programs) that make large-scale coaching easy. And with effortless large-scale coaching, you can tier your services to reach more client groups 

With On-demand Workout Collections, you can offer a low-cost subscription for your branded training library. Imagine Kayla’s Sweat app or Peloton’s training app, but yours. Since you are already programming for 1-on-1 clients, all you need to do is convert some of the standard workouts into On-demand Workouts and sort them into categories for clients to choose from. 

Tiered coaching is a business strategy more and more coaches are beginning to do. Your highest ticket service offering gives clients the most attention. This is typically 1-on-1 coaching with maybe nutrition advice included.

At the same time, you provide cheaper standardized options that require less of your time, so clients with a lower budget can still receive coaching from you. Everfit’s on-demand solutions (Workout Collections, Studio Programs, and Resource Collections) make it possible for you to provide coaching almost hands-free.

  • Tier 1: $$$ High-end offer (1-on-1 coaching)
  • Tier 2: $$ Medium-priced Offer (Access to program with minimal check-ins and changes)
  • Tier 3: $ Low Touch Solution (On-demand workouts and resources)

3. Self-guided Fitness Courses

Online coaching allows trainers to do things their way rather than how things have been done in the past. You don’t need to stick to a training calendar with on-demand workouts. You can simply offer workouts on demand for clients to try any time they wish.

The on-demand library could be a simple add-on curriculum for clients in addition to their program or just a stand-alone coaching course for clients to follow.

With on-demand coaching, you can create new videos monthly, weekly, or daily for clients to try. Rather than having just one library with all your workouts and videos, you can create fresh content that’s personalized to each group of clients.

In summary, many individuals are looking for more flexibility in their fitness routine. The on-demand workout library provides a Netflix-style training routine for clients to pick and choose workouts whenever they want. With workouts on demand, you’re only limited by your creativity. There are many ways you can use on-demand workouts to elevate your coaching. Survey your clients and prospects, or simply fill a hole for your target market. Don’t overcomplicate it! 

Start the On-demand era by delivering your own content hub today! 👉🏼 https://app.everfit.io/home/workout-collections

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