10 Fitness Trends everybody is talking about in 2022 💪🏼
4 min read

10 Fitness Trends everybody is talking about in 2022 💪🏼

Everfit Team
Feb 23, 2022 4 min read

Did you know that offering a variety of fitness packages can boost client growth and retainment? Research from the 2021 Les Mills Global Fitness Report shows that fitness classes are the most popular form of exercise for those who regularly go to the gym. In this article, we’ll discuss which exercises are the most popular for attracting clients to your fitness program.


Everfit makes it possible for coaches to create custom workout plans. According to the study, 32% participants preferred HIIT style classes. Short bursts of high energy, followed by a brief rest period, can help to torch large amounts of calories in a short amount of time. HIIT isn’t just appealing for the time-convenience factor, but for the results as well.

2. Indoor Cycling

30% of surveyed participants preferred indoor cycling. Cycling provides a great low impact cardio workout. Additionally,  clients can choose to implement intervals into their cycling sessions for a higher intensity workout.

3. Dance

Dance is another great cardio activity to get clients moving in a fun way. According to the study, 28% of gym-goers preferred this activity. Popular dance classes such as zumba provide choreographed classes for clients to stay moving and keep their heart rate elevated the entire time.

4. Stretch/ Mobility

Stretching & mobility are key to maintaining proper range of motion and joint function. Try encouraging clients to do gentle yoga stretches, form drills, and cool down exercises to avoid injury. Oftentimes, dynamic stretching can be a powerful warm-up tool, whereas static stretching is best for a cool-down.

5. Core Conditioning & Step Aerobics

These two activities come in at a close 5th on the study’s list, with a 27% preference from clients. Try using Everfit’s workout builder and adding in exercises like russian twists, planks with leg raises, and more. You can even upload your own videos for a more personalized core conditioning program.

6. Strength Training

23% of clients prefer strength training, which is crucial to maintaining muscle mass and a fast metabolism. Aside from that, strength training is also necessary to maintain bone density. Like every balanced fitness program, Everfit recommends adding in a good amount of strength training to help get clients the results they want. Everfit makes it easy to create a holistic training plan that includes supersets and circuit training in tandem with a strength workout.

7. Other Cardio/ Aerobics

Other cardio activities such as running, swimming, jumping rope, or battle ropes also provide a great cardio workout. According to the study, 22% of participants preferred other forms of exercise such as those listed above.

8. Pilates & Yoga

An equal 19% of fitness class attendees prefer pilates and/or martial arts. These two are great alternatives for those looking for a more dynamic cardio session. Pilates provide participants with a wide range of movements that hit several muscle groups, as opposed to just a few. What makes these types of exercises even more beneficial is that it encourages proper range of motion and dynamic stretching, which can help your clients avoid injury. Yoga can help with pain management, range of motion, and stress reduction.

9. Martial Arts & Boxing

Tied with a 16% preference were Martial Arts and Boxing classes. Although less popular compared to the previous mentions, these two are powerful tools that can provide your clients with the necessary cardio. Boxing and Martial Arts are great cardio alternative for those looking for short intervals of intense training. Boxing also encourages agility, strength, and coordination.

10. Functional Circuit Training

Last on the list for the study was functional circuit training, which 11% participants preferred over the rest. Just like strength training, functional circuit training can help those clients short on time hit all the muscle groups in a single session. Circuit training not only helps with strength, but also keeps the heart rate up and provides for a great cardio workout.

Perhaps more importantly than implementing the most popular trends, is ensuring that you offer a variety of exercises for your clients to choose from. Varying up an exercise program not only keeps clients excited and engaged, but it also prevents boredom and promotes consistency. Clients are more likely to continue leading an active, fit lifestyle if it’s sustainable.

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