The Everfit Wonder Women Who Transform Lives Through Fitness
5 min read

The Everfit Wonder Women Who Transform Lives Through Fitness

Everfit Team
Mar 08, 2024 5 min read

In celebration of Women’s Day, we take a dive into the empowering stories of some incredible female fitness coaches in the Everfit community. Their stories not only celebrate the essence of women in coaching but also reflect the positive transformation within an industry where female coaches are now respected and sought after.

Join us as we delve into the unique perspectives of these incredible women who have dedicated their lives to transforming others through fitness.

Samantha Mills – Fitstrategy

“Watching women stepping into their power and using their voice always pumps me up.”

Samantha Mills, the powerhouse behind Fitstrategy, defies traditional fitness coaching boundaries with a passion for empowering women that’s as authentic as it gets. Growing up amid societal pressures, Samantha recalls an era dominated by Curves commercials and 1200-calorie diets, where body-shaming was the norm. However, she joyfully notes a significant shift in the industry, witnessing women empowered to be strong, not skinny. “Low fat, high protein high carb meal plans with tons of cardio and bodybuilder-type workouts were all you could find,” she reflects. Today, Samantha celebrates the rise of a more balanced and sustainable approach, guiding women to lose fat, build muscle, and simply enjoy life more.

As Samantha shares her coaching journey, she highlights the importance of women stepping into their power and using their voices. “When you look back on your life, would you have regretted not starting? If the answer is yes, go for it,” she urges aspiring coaches. Samantha’s advice is clear and relatable: embrace your unique perspective, delivery, and experiences, as they might connect more deeply with others. Acknowledging the inevitable competition, she reassures that coaching was the best decision she ever made—for her life and those she influences.

Emma Combs – Em Combs Fitness

“Take up SPACE! You deserve to be there!”

Emma Combs, the owner of Em Combs Fitness, revels in witnessing a powerful transformation among women at the gym. She passionately affirms that women rightfully claim their space, relishing diverse training styles that align with personal joy and goals. For Emma, it’s more than aesthetics—it’s about embracing strength and nurturing mental well-being. In her words, women move their bodies because they find it invigorating, they desire strength, and they prioritize both physical and mental health.

Reflecting on her decade-long journey, Emma observes a positive shift away from damaging diet culture, acknowledging the emergence of inspiring female role models. She believes women training frequently is a monumental step in the right direction. Emma also underscores the unique qualities women contribute to the fitness realm—confidence, empathy, and a profound connection with emotions. In her words, “Femininity is a beautiful thing when it is nourished and supported.”

Encouraging women to take up space, Emma’s powerful message resonates: “You deserve to be there. You are strong, you are confident, and you are powerful.” She champions diversity, individuality, and the collective strength of women in the fitness industry.

Miranda Lyle – Functional Fitness with Miranda

“Trust YOUR process! Other women look to you as an inspiration to find their voice and inner badassery. Take what you’ve learned and share that gift with others!”

Miranda Lyle, the visionary behind Functional Fitness with Miranda, encapsulates a transformative journey spanning 17 years in the fitness realm. Witnessing a seismic shift, she passionately notes, “Women have been flipping the script in the fitness world and for the better!”. From a predominantly male-dominated field to a surge in female coaches, Miranda celebrates the newfound confidence among women, challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusivity. Her coaching ethos extends beyond physical strength, embracing the empathetic and nurturing qualities that make gym newcomers feel less intimidated.

Miranda’s story is a beacon of empowerment, teaching women that strength is both sexy and inclusive. With a focus on building glutes and fostering a community that values individual journeys, her coaching journey is a testament to breaking stereotypes and inviting women to be strong and confident. As she imparts wisdom to aspiring coaches, Miranda emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s process, sharing the transformative message of confidence and strength that extends far beyond the gym walls. Her authentic narrative inspires others to find their voice and inner badassery, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and inclusivity.

Dr. Hannah Brandt – HLB lifestyle

“You don’t have to look a certain way to provide quality education and support, and open the door for other women to join us in getting fit and healthy.”

Dr. Hannah Brandt, PT, DPT, CPT, IFNCP, the driving force of the HLB lifestyle, challenges the stereotypical image associated with fitness, advocating for a more holistic approach. Her journey unfolds as a narrative of breaking free from societal expectations, where fitness is pursued not merely for appearance but for overall well-being. She affirms, “I am seeing a beautiful trend toward women wanting to develop a fitness regimen for reasons outside of making themselves skinny.”

Reflecting on her evolution in the fitness industry, Dr. Hannah celebrates the increasing diversity she sees, welcoming women of all shapes, sizes, and cultures into the gym. She acknowledges her own privileged experience and underscores the importance of creating a welcoming environment for all. Moreover, she champions the movement away from traditional ideals of slimness, emphasizing the empowerment found in resistance training and strength-building. For Dr. Hannah, fitness is about feeling better, embracing strength, and rejecting societal expectations. Her message is clear: every woman deserves to pursue health and fitness on her own terms, and her voice is crucial in supporting others along their journey.

MFW Fitness – Christine Meister

“Gone are the days you have to have a 6 pack to help another woman. We need love and understanding, coming from a genuine space.”

Christine Meister, the visionary behind MFW Fitness, is transforming the fitness narrative, inviting women to a space where authenticity reigns over unrealistic standards. A game-changer for Christine is witnessing a surge in women embracing weights, dismantling the myth of ‘getting bulky.’ Enthusiastically, she notes, “I’m so glad this has been shaken down as a thing of the past. Now for my generation of 40s, and 50s women plus to catch up! We slowly are!!”

Christine’s perspective on the unique contributions of women in the fitness industry is deeply rooted in understanding the diverse journeys women navigate—physically, hormonally, and emotionally. She emphasizes the importance of a ‘safe place’ where women feel comfortable, and free from judgment. This sentiment echoes in her coaching philosophy, creating an environment where women can confidently lift weights and share their fitness journey. Christine’s story is a testament to the evolving industry, where personality matters, and authenticity sets coaches apart. In her words, “Don’t be afraid of that quirky thing that you try to hide. It may just be the very thing someone loves about you.” Christine envisions a fitness landscape built on love, understanding, and genuine connection, where six-packs are no longer prerequisites for helping others.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let these stories inspire you. Each of these remarkable coaches has not only shaped the fitness industry but also embodied the spirit of empowerment, inclusivity, and rewriting the narrative. They stand as living proof that fitness is a journey of strength, resilience, and transformation. Here’s to the wonder women who continue to transform lives through fitness and beyond.

At Everfit, we’re proud to support and empower talented women who aspire to embark on their fitness coaching journey. We believe in providing a platform for success, fostering a community where passion meets opportunity. Happy International Women’s Day! 🌹💪

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