Why I joined Everfit
4 min read

Why I joined Everfit

Matty Perkins
Aug 08, 2023 4 min read

Why I chose to join the Everfit Team 

Growing up an “Air Force Brat,” change was ingrained in my DNA. Every three to five years, we packed up our lives and moved to a new place—new schools, new friends—the whole shebang. To me, change is exciting – a chance to reinvent, to learn, and to start all over again. When an amazing stint with global group fitness leader Les Mills ended in January, I thought I was ready to hang up my tennis shoes and leave the fitness industry for something completely new.

Enter Everfit

Out of the blue, an ex-colleague and mentor messaged me: “I just had a chat with the co-founders of Everfit – they’re awesome and I think you should meet them. Can I set you up?”

My initial reaction was skepticism. “This is the universe seeing if I’m brave enough to say no.” airy-fairy I know — Hey, I’m from California. Fast forward to today – I’m a few weeks into my role as VP of Growth and Platforms at Everfit, loving being back squarely at the intersection of fitness and technology, and excited for the big plans we have cooking for the months ahead.

Why did I ultimately decide to stay in fitness and join the Everfit team? I’ll break it down and hopefully, you’ll find some insight that could help you in evaluating your opportunities whether you’re currently in a role or looking for your next one.

Alignment of Purpose

Everfit and I share the same purpose. We’re here to support the unsung heroes – the people striving to improve lives and change the world for the better. I’ve always been driven by the opportunity to make a positive impact, but for me, the real magic is “helping the helpers” – exponentially multiplying the impact we’re able to have.

Everfit empowers personal trainers and coaches by providing tools for training, nutrition, habit coaching, progress tracking, and more. It’s like a superhero utility belt for professionals who work tirelessly to help their clients achieve their goals.  When you and your company’s purpose are aligned, you want to get out of bed and solve problems every day. It’s a great match for me.

Common Values 

In 2021 a friend encouraged me to complete an exercise from David Lapin’s “Lead by Greatness” and the results changed my life.  The exercise involved listing all my values, then ruthlessly keeping only those for which I’d already made a personal or professional sacrifice. Turns out, I had a ton of values on paper, but when it came to real sacrifices, only a few values made the cut. I’ll be brave and share mine below.

During my conversations with Everfit’s founders Jonathan Wang and Long Nguyen, their company values came up many times.  Check them out:

Anything jump out at you? There are multiple overlaps between Everfit’s values and my own! It was like finding out we were long-lost soulmates but in a professional sense.

Real Customer-Centricity 

Ah, customer-centricity—the buzzword that many companies claim to embrace but few truly embody. At Everfit, they not only listen to their customers, but they also take action. Imagine that! In the early days, the co-founders personally addressed every customer service issue, gaining firsthand knowledge of their customers’ needs and pain points. And guess what? They still pay close attention to customer feedback today. I witnessed this commitment first-hand when I sat in on a prioritization conversation in which a customer request was swiftly addressed (and will soon be deployed!), and it got me excited to join the team. How do they do it? Read on…

Unfair Advantage 

Let’s face it, online personal training is a crowded space. Before getting serious about joining the Everfit team, I wanted to know if they had a fighting chance of success. 

Spoiler alert – They do.

While I won’t ruin the surprise and reveal their secret, let’s just say that Everfit operates at a speed that leaves others in the dust. They deliver high-quality, stable improvements to their coach and client experiences at a pace that’s unmatched. It’s like having the super-speed powers of The Flash, but instead of saving the world, they’re revolutionizing the fitness industry.  What’s your company’s unfair advantage?


There’s nothing worse than knowing the solution to a problem or having a brilliant idea but being unable to effect change. It’s beyond demotivating. At Everfit, everyone is committed to making an impact. As the company has grown, they’ve maintained an ethos of ownership and holistic thinking, where everyone contributes to the company’s success. It’s an environment where all hands are on deck, ready to tackle challenges and create extraordinary customer experiences. For someone like me, who thrives in the do-or-die moments, it’s the perfect place to make my mark.

So I’m sticking around…

At the end of the day, I’m pumped to stay in an industry I love and become part of the Everfit team.  We have big plans and even more incredible tools we’re building to empower trainers and coaches to not only operate their businesses but also scale them, enabling them to fulfill their own purposes while improving the lives of millions of clients worldwide.

If you’re a personal trainer or coach looking to turn up the volume on your passion, I’d love to chat with you. Or if you’re a fitness or product professional seeking camaraderie and insights into the challenges we face, reach out. Our industry thrives on community and collaboration, and I wholeheartedly believe that we can change lives together, one rep at a time!

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