How to Create & Build Effective Online Training Programs For Your Clients
4 min read

How to Create & Build Effective Online Training Programs For Your Clients

Everfit Team
Mar 01, 2024 4 min read

In the fast-paced world of fitness coaching, the shift towards online training programs has become increasingly prevalent. As personal trainers and fitness coaches adapt to the digital landscape, it’s essential to utilize effective tools and strategies to create tailored and engaging training experiences for clients. This article explores the key steps in building successful online training programs, with a focus on leveraging coaching platforms like Everfit.

1. Use A Coaching Platform Tool

The hallmark of a top-tier coaching platform lies in its seamless adaptability and user-friendly program-building capabilities. These platforms offer drag-and-drop workout sections, enabling trainers to effortlessly modify pre-existing workouts within designated training schedules. Everfit’s workout builder exemplifies this, allowing for swift adjustments and substitutions of exercises to suit individual client requirements. Its flexibility extends to accommodating various equipment options and providing progressions or regressions tailored to diverse fitness levels and experiences. This versatility empowers trainers to efficiently craft customized programs for multiple clients, ensuring optimal engagement and results.

2. Building Training Programs

Creating effective training programs is a dynamic process that hinges on understanding the unique needs of your clients. Start by determining the nature of your coaching services – whether you’re offering personalized coaching or individual training plans, nutritional advice, or specialized coaching in areas like running, sports, powerlifting, or Olympic weightlifting.

Know Your Clients

The heart of successful programming lies in understanding your clients deeply. Gather comprehensive insights into their fitness levels, goals, preferences, and any limitations they may have. Embrace a personalized approach to create workouts that truly resonate with your clients, boosting motivation and program adherence.

Be clear about your client’s goals and abilities, and leverage Everfit’s Workout Builder to turn the big picture into actionable sessions. Break down each session into individual workout sections, utilizing special formats like Regular, Interval, AMRAP, and Timed, which display differently when your clients track their workouts.

Review Your Services

Consider the services you offer – whether it’s one-on-one coaching with personalized programs or set packages for a broader audience. Tailor your training plans to align with your client’s goals, and factor in whether you train remotely, in person, or within group environments. Your service model will influence the type of workouts you design.

Assess Your Materials

Building a library of coaching materials, such as videos and tutorials, can enhance your client coaching plans significantly. Everfit facilitates this by allowing you to create your own exercise or choose from a library of over 2,500 exercises, complete with full customization of written technique cues and instructions.

Create workout collections and additional resources to swiftly customize materials for your clients. Consider supplements like eBooks, PDF guides, or nutrition plans to enrich your workout plans. While a modest investment may be needed for materials creation, the long-term payoff lies in engaging and effective online training programs.

Design Quality Training Plans

Crafting well-structured training plans is paramount for client success. Clearly define goals, outline progressions, and inject variety to maintain workout engagement. Everfit takes it a step further, allowing you to create supersets, tri-sets, giant sets, and circuits, and combine workout sections, within larger sessions. This logical and thoughtful approach not only positions you as a quality business but also streamlines program scalability. Investing time and effort in these details will undoubtedly pay off as you deliver engaging and effective online training programs for your clients.

3. Scale Your Training Plans

Developing your workouts is a core part of launching your personal trainer or fitness coaching business. But how do you scale up your offering to multiple clients? This section will show you how to scale up your client training programs for multiple clients.

Create Clear Client Demographics

If you are working with larger groups of clients, break them into core demographics to ensure you have ‘workout sections’ that you can switch in and out when building programs. Consider their ability level and goals, and see what demo videos can be used when building each part of your training program.

Categorize Workout Sections

Streamline your sessions and materials by categorizing workout sections. This makes it easier for you and your team to get an overview, allowing the quick creation of comprehensive coaching plans tailored to your client demographics. Everfit’s distinctions between regular, interval, AMRAP, timed, and freestyle sections provide flexibility. Plus, you can save workout sections for faster plug-and-play programming, including warm-ups, cool-downs, and finishers.


Design Freestyle Workouts

Everfit’s freestyle section is perfect for crafting flexible training programs like Crossfit, yoga, or dynamic warm-ups. Use a variety of media such as text, video, audio, or documents to efficiently create a comprehensive workout that suits your clients’ needs.

Assign Multiple Training Sessions

Coaching platforms are ideal as you can assign multiple workouts to clients by dragging and dropping a workout into their training calendar. This means you can quickly schedule your individual clients’ workouts for a month or more ahead of time.

Use Program Templates

Everfit makes scaling easy with its library of premade program templates designed for different fitness levels and purposes. Download and assign these templates to your clients in minutes. Even when programming for individuals, you can leverage templates and make minor tweaks for a fully customized experience tailored to your client base.

Final Thoughts

Creating and building an effective online training program is essential to building your personal training or fitness business. A coaching platform tool like Everfit is ideal for designing quality workouts and course material while managing client scheduling from one central location. A coaching platform tool can also help you scale up your client offerings by categorizing workouts and designing freestyle sessions that can easily be assigned to multiple clients in one go. 

Are you looking for a coaching platform that helps you create and deliver effective workout plans? Choose Everfit today to deliver the quality training programs needed to grow your fitness business.

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