Introducing: Freestyle Workout Builder
2 min read

Introducing: Freestyle Workout Builder

Everfit Team
Dec 15, 2021 2 min read

The new Freestyle section has just been added to your Workout Builder and is ready to empower your everyday coaching routine with no limits! 💥

From now on, you can create any training that fits your coaching service: WODs, yoga flow, audio-guided meditation, warmups, cool-down, stretching, video lessons, assigned reading, a personal welcome video, pre or post-workout check-in surveys, you name it.

The Freestyle section is powerful & lightning fast to use:

🔷 Drop in the workout as text ⚡️

🔷 Add any media type you want to use to guide your clients: video 🎬, document 📄, image 📸, text 🔤, audio 🎵, or link 🔗 (youtube, Vimeo URLs, or any link)

🔷 List exercises for reference to still provide clients exercise movement guidance

🔷 Mix and match with any other type of workout sections and exercises.

Our goal is to help you create better workouts and save more time every day. 💫 Let’s master the Freestyle section in a few steps:

And you are DONE! 💥

For your clients, it’s as easy as it is for you. All they need to do is to hit the checkmark, and the entire section will be marked as done. ☑️

What are you waiting for? It’s time to explore the new Freestyle Workout Builder!

Learn more about the Freestyle Workout Builder here.